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A Lady Embraces Class & Growth....



Stephanie Strickland, a Detroit native graduated from Detroit Public Schools. Stephanie is a wife of 26 years, a mother of two and has eight loving grandchildren. She attended Wayne County Community College and studied Computer Information Systems and is a self taught Graphic Designer.

In 2011 she joined the Detroit 300; a community policing organization that patrolled and searched for criminals causing havoc throughout communities across the Detroit area. This decision only magnified her love for the City of Detroit and the power she held within to become a true activist for others. Stephanie is a faithful member of Born to Win Ministries and in 2014 accepted a Board of Directors position with Mother's of Murdered Children ( M.O.M.C ). 

As a " Woman " she feels an obligation to young ladies growing in the City of Detroit to ensure that they can become the lady God intended for them to be....
A true " La'de. "

The Qualities of A Lady Prevail Often...

La’de Mentoring was founded in October 2012.

La'de means:( Lady in French) 

La'de is a mentoring organization for the female ages 10-17. 

One that sets a true fire in the soul of young ladies,


 To sign up for our mentoring program. Join us on Saturdays 11-1 pm. 

      Don Bosco Hall 

19321 W.Chicago/Westwood  

Detroit, Michigan 48228

La'de Slogan

   I am Kind, I am Sweet, I have a Strong sense of Honor.


La’de Mentoring was established in 2012 to provide positive direction to adolescent and young adult females through mentoring, health education, self esteem building, Etiquette coaching and Life skills and job development training. We empower girls and young ladies to effectuate positive change in their lives, family and community by reshaping their own future.

Mission: Our Mission is to Uplift, Motivate, and Empower young ladies to be productive citizens in their lives and within the community. 

Goal: Our Goal is  to reach one, teach one, and change one life by focusing on a hightened level of Self Efficiency, Self Awareness, Health Awareness and Career Goal Standards.

La'de Programs

  • Summer Camp Innovative Program

ages 10-17, will have an opportunity to experience freedom other than the city in which they live. A camp environment teaches survival skills aiding each age group to become more aware of whom they are and igniting creativity. Mothers are encouraged to share this experience with their daughters.

  • Empower Me To Be the Lady I Am

Is a fun and supportive once a month life coaching series used  toward positive growth into womanhood. A time each group can share their experiences, learn from one another as they grow from adolescents, pre-teen into adult years.